Scuba Diving


If it were not for Scuba Diving, there probably would not have been a Carousal (or at least, a yearly event by that name). Carousals I, II, VI and X are filled with many stories of low adventure, most of it unplanned. Many of the Carousers didn't feel the need for any training before jumping into a new venue; they wanted to run, not walk, or in this instance, dive, not snorkel. We explored many shipwrecks there off of the Avalon breakwater; divers like Len R., Scott H., Gary N., Howie, Sean D., Greg H., Joe B., Harlan F., Mike F., and Craig G. dove like savages; even more aggressive was the behavior of the Carouser's as they chased after the cute Divemasters at the first two Carousals.

Pete Howie Pre-Dive While in Monterey for Carousal III, an intrepid group of Carousers including Mike T., Don C. and Len R. fought off their hangovers and the Bay's furious swells to explore the world undersea. Apparently, not much to look at that time of year.

Diving Carousal IV came complete with a memorable dive boat trip to San Clemente Island. I remember waking up on the boat, completely hungover and seasick (but I didn't puke!), only feeling better once I jumped into the water. This was also the trip young Howard and Scott H. got ripped on by the Divemaster for bagging undersized abalone. Dan I. didn't get caught.

Diving Carousals V and VII were trips to La Jolla where we explored the offshore kelp beds there, trying like hell to kill some fish to eat. Tom C., Len R., Dan I. and others made spiritual communion with the denizens of the deep.

During the last few years, Scuba Diving has fallen in popularity, based on the destinations that have been chosen, as well as the costs of equipment. We're hoping that Santa Cruz and Catalina Carousal XII will bring on a surge in diving interest, and more fish to the table.

-Pete B.

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